Sustainability Management Systems

Because sustainability is a concept that could affect diverse departments and disciplines, it can often be difficult to own and effectively manage the concept within the organization. The Sustainability Management System (SMS) and the Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) Projects designed specifically for organizations by Escarus aim to regulate sustainability, environmental and social management as a business model for and integrate it into all processes of the organization.

Since 2011, Escarus has offered SMS and ESMS infrastructure implementation services to many national and international organizations. The main purpose of such projects has been to track sustainability performance and make sure environmental, social/reputational risks are systematically managed. With the Sustainability/Environmental and Social Management System, the aim is to relate the independent "economic-environmental-social-managerial" activities of organizations directly with corporate strategy and business results, internalize the practice within the framework of the corporate culture and create a strategic sustainability roadmap.

At the current state of things, the systems dubbed the Sustainability Management Systems/Environmental and Social Management Systems have transformed into integrated systems including various actions such as the measurement of the environmental impact, waste management, carbon emissions management, corporate social responsibility projects, working conditions, training, stakeholder communication and sustainability reporting infrastructure as well as corporate governance structure and policy/commitment development.

Escarus’s SMS/ESMS project approach is a structure that is built on basic approaches such as different sustainability-themed index methodologies, ISO 14001, ISO 14064 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The basic contents of an effective management system should be designed in accordance with the dynamics, internal functioning and sensitivities of the organization and tailored to the organization’s needs. For this reason, the infrastructure implemented by Escarus is designed in line with the expectations of the client and so as to meet the expectations of the stakeholders with whom they cooperate/plan to cooperate.

While the designed systems are finalized in line with the opinions of the organization, Escarus also makes sure that the practice is owned within the organization and the capacity is built thanks to organization-specific trainings and workshops. However, in the optional remote support process, Escarus offers assistance towards the internalization of the system within the organization.


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