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Escarus Provides services with dynamic, strong and experienced staff.

Escarus considers its employees as the leading value of the company. The brief resumes of our employees are given below.

General Manager


Kubilay Kavak, PhD, holds a bachelor's degree (Bilkent University) and a master's degree (Gazi University) in industrial engineering. He obtained another master's degree (Cornell University) in public policy and holds a doctoral degree (Gazi University) in public administration.

Prior to joining the Escarus family, Kavak initially worked in the private sector, then at the Turkish Prime Ministry, State Planning Organization, Ministry of Development and the United Nations. In his professional life, he mainly focused on topics and fields such as national development, projection and modelling, energy policies, industrial policies, infrastructure investments, public administration, public policies, investment finance, project analysis and project management.

Kavak has published a myriad of articles, reports and studies on energy, climate change, public policy, urbanization and industrialization as well as a book on energy efficiency, and edited four books on optimization in industrial systems. Kavak served as a project coordinator for a project conducted jointly by UNDP and UNIDO between 2013 and 2017, and has practical experience of working with international institutions and development finance banks at various levels.

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Executive Vice President


After graduating from the Department of Environmental Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, Ayşe Ece Sevin obtained her master's degree in Energy and Environmental Management. Prior to joining Escarus, Sevin worked as Environmental Consultant/Project Manager at Fichtner and took part in the assessment and evaluation of dozens of investment projects as well as the management of numerous projects.

Sevin has been working at Escarus since 2014, dealing with the identification of sustainability related non-financial (environmental and social) risks of corporations and projects, establishment of sustainability, environmental and social management systems, and establishment of sustainability strategies and reporting on sustainability performance for national and international financial institutions and investors.

A competent professional in conducting environmental and social risk assessment and project impact analysis, in developing emission mitigation projects and in project management, Sevin has also experience in various fields such as conventional and renewable energy projects, energy distribution projects, climate change and sustainability. Sevin has international experience through her work in various projects abroad and she also serves as a trainer in many projects and training events.

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Business Development Director


Burak Oğuz graduated from Marmara University Department of Management and then proceeded to obtain his master’s degrees in Management and Organization at Yeditepe University and Production Management and Marketing at Marmara University.

Starting his professional life at Koç Group's Otoyol Pazarlama A.Ş. in 1996 as a marketing expert, he completed Finansbank’s Management Trainee program in 1999 and then assumed positions in the Bank’s Payment Systems and Retail Banking operations, taking part in various projects on alternative delivery channels, payment systems, CRM and MIS.

After leaving Finansbank, he assumed various positions on CRM, market research, product management, communication, campaign management and sales force automation in the marketing departments of Hyundai, Avea, Koleksiyon and GfK.

Oğuz has been working at Escarus since March 2016 after serving as a consultant in domestic and global projects on sales development, digital marketing, payment systems, CRM and data mining in banking, manufacturing and retail industries. In addition to project development work, Oğuz is also responsible for and competent in matters relating to product and line design.

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Senior Manager


After having her major in Social and Political Sciences from Sabancı University, Melis Bitlis obtained her master's degree at Johns Hopkins University in Energy and Environmental Policy as well as International Economics.

Bitlis has been working at Escarus since 2015 and leads sustainable finance and climate change services by the company, including sustainability policies, green bond framework and second party consultancy services offered to customers in finance sector (banks, insurance companies, private pension funds and leasing companies) as well as real sector companies. She has experience in developing sustainable investment frameworks and sustainable finance instruments in accordance with investment portfolios, providing consultancy services to financial institutions on climate change-related risks and opportunities and reporting sustainable green finance. She also develops training models on such matters for private sector professionals.

In addition to her project management experience in energy efficiency, environmental and social performance standards, environmental and social risk assessment, green bonds, climate finance and sustainable finance, Bitlis also has broad international experience on climate change.

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Senior Manager


Sultan Şalgam graduated from Middle East Technical University Department of Political Science and Public Administration. Şalgam has started her professional career at Regional Environmental Center and, then she worked for Ecorys Consulting and Engineering for more than 3 years. Prior to joining Escarus, Şalgam was Manager at PwC.

Şalgam has 10 years of professional experience with a deep interest and expertise in multi-disciplinary approaches to sustainable development challenges, with particular expertise in working areas of public policy, governance, social impact assessment and sustainability.

Şalgam is well-rehearsed in working in international environments and has participated in and led projects in Turkey. Şalgam has significant experience and analytical expertise in providing data-driven policy recommendations for government entities and business insights for private sector clients. Şalgam has been extensively engaged in themes related to public sector transformation and improvement of the technical/administrative capacity of public bodies.

Şalgam has strong communication skills which was excelled with projects in cooperation with local, regional and national stakeholders (ministries, municipalities, chambers, development agencies, supranational institutions, international financial institutions, NGOs, local SMEs, etc.).

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Senior Manager


H. Dora Üreten, a graduate of Koç University Mechanical Engineering, obtained his master's degree in the field of International Management at EADA Business School.

He began his professional career in Marsh Risk Consultancy in 2009 and continued to work as a Financial Analyst at TSKB. Between 2012 and 2016, he actively involved in the establishment of Escarus and worked in different positions such as project manager and business development manager. Between 2016-2020, he worked as the Business Development Manager at Garanti Koza İnşaat and GKE Enerji and actively involved in various conventional-renewable energy and greenfield real estate development projects in Turkey and abroad. Üreten rejoined Escarus as of April 2021.

He has experience in project management, business development, preparation of feasibility studies, designing sustainability strategies, establishment of sustainability management systems and E&S management systems in line with internationally recognized standards (World Bank, IFC, EBRD, Equator Principles, GRI, SASB, CDP, GHG Protocol, Sustainability Indices, etc.), sustainable finance, sustainability-focused reporting, resource and energy efficiency, calculation and reduction of carbon emissions and has taken part in many local and abroad projects in different sectors.

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Assistant Manager


Nilay Cambaz holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Yıldız Technical University and completed her master's degree in Environmental Science, Engineering and Management program at Istanbul Technical University.

Working as a sustainability consultant prior to joining the Escarus family, Cambaz has coordinated several national and international projects and had the opportunity to work directly with both public and private sector stakeholders. She has in-depth expertise in climate change, carbon footprint calculation, sustainability reporting (GRI-based), sustainability disclosure/ratings (CDP, EcoVadis), eco-labels (ISO 14020-25), sustainable finance, circular economy, clean production, management of finite resources, water quality, and watershed management.

Cambaz has also in-depth experience in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and has conducted several studies both at the product and organizational level in various sectors, mainly construction, chemistry, food, ceramics, packaging, white goods and composite materials.

Thanks to the projects she carried out with organizations of various sizes operating in different sectors throughout her career, Cambaz has developed competence in measuring sustainability and also gained experience in project management and team coordination processes.

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After graduating from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, Emine Çelen obtained her master’s degree in energy science and technology at Istanbul Technical University. After master’s degree, her PhD education is currently ongoing at the same university and the same department.

Prior to joining Escarus, Çelen worked as R&D and project engineer at Maviiz Environment and Energy Systems R&D Co., Ltd. located at Istanbul Technical University Ayazağa Campus and took part in preparing feasibility, drawings and mass energy calculations in environment, chemical and biomass energy projects. Çelen, who intensively worked in biogas projects, has experience in engineering and procurement for the installation of biogas power plants.

Çelen also took part in “ITU: Sustainable Energy Installation” funded by Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) and Istanbul Technical University. She worked in all steps of the projects including but not limited to preparing financial and technical reports, controlling the installation, conducting procurement operations and commissioning activities. She also coordinated the correspondence between ISTKA, academicians and project partners.

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Şimal Çınar received her undergraduate education with a comprehensive scholarship from Bilkent University with the major area of study in International Relations and minor area of Economics and graduated in 2019.

Çınar, who took internship positions in various sectors such as academia and media both in Turkey and abroad, also participated to many different projects as a volunteer. By September 2019, she started to work at Escarus as an Assistant Expert.

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Assistant Expert


Yusuf Sağ received his bachelor degree from Özyeğin University, Industrial Engineering department in 2018.

During his academic life he undertook internship studies in various industries. He participated in one of Turkey’s leading food industry firm’s warehouse operations optimization project and took active role from one end to other. Meanwhile he performed a marketing internship in the same company.

He started his professional career as a procurement, material and warehouse management consultant, and designed, adapted and implemented procurement and material management processes for different industries. Before joining Escarus, he worked as an IT (information technologies) risk advisor and IT auditor in Deloitte Turkey. During his tenure, he analyzed IT environments and evaluated IT risks for leading bank affiliates, fast-moving consumer goods, drug, and heavy industries as well as energy companies. Alongside, he participated in BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) compliance consultancy project for a leading bank affiliate. Since April 2021 he has been working as an assistant expert at Escarus.

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Assistant Expert


Esra Yılmaz completed her undergraduate education at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Department of International Relations with high honors degree and a minor in Business Administration at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

During her education life, Yılmaz developed a particularly strong interest on energy and climate studies and did her internships at prominent think tanks and government institutions. After graduation, she worked at the University of Duisburg-Essen Mercator School of Management in Germany as an intern and gained experience in portfolio management, competitive strategies, digital transformation, and digital marketing.

She started her professional career as a planning specialist in 2019 for acrylic resin production. Besides, she has had experience in a project assistant role in chlorine-alkali process plant and mining investment projects. While working as a project assistant, she undertook the duties in hydroelectric energy, unlicensed electricity generation, and sustainability studies. She has been working as an assistant expert at Escarus since March 2019.

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Assistant Expert


Ceyda Kalıpçıoğlu received her bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering at Middle East Technical University. Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in environmental technology at Boğaziçi University’s Institute of Environmental Sciences.

Thanks to Erasmus+ Programme, she studied at Aarhus University in Denmark during her undergraduate education. She worked as an undergraduate researcher in such studies as zero waste, sustainable fuel production, and life cycle assessment when returned back to Turkey. After getting bachelor’s degree, she worked as researcher at the Sustainable Development and Cleaner Production Center of Boğaziçi University for the projects related to zero waste, eco-label, and life cycle assessment. Within that period, she played an active role in reporting projects, writing articles, research and development while staying in touch with public and private sector stakeholders.

Thanks to the academic studies and projects that she has participated for the last 3 years, she won the 2021 McKinsey Achievement Award which aims to recognize and encourage talented individuals around the world. Since December 2021, she has been working as an assistant expert at Escarus.

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