28.07.2020 Covid-19 Pandemic as an Ecosocial Crisis and Sustainability Read more
06.06.2020 Escarus Provided the Second Party Opinion for Turkey's First Sustainable Sukuk Read more
13.02.2020 Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality - The Kick-Off Meeting of the Feasibility Project for Ecological Niche Model Was Held Read more
13.01.2020 Escarus Attended the Green Bond Principles Advisory Council Meeting Read more
06.11.2019 How Do We Manage Our Energy? Read more
31.10.2019 Escarus Begins its Field Studies as Part of the "Value-Chain Based Country Diagnostic Study for Turkey" Read more
23.10.2019 Our Team of Senior Executives Paid a Visit to Kenya as Part of the Project Conducted by Escarus as Subcontractor of the Ifc Read more
04.09.2019 Escarus Attends a Working Dinner With the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Read more
23.08.2019 Energy Efficiency Projects Initiated at Ministry of Education Schools Read more
02.07.2019 Koton’s Gender Equality Project’s Kick-Off Meeting Held Under Our Auspices Read more
27.06.2019 We Were In Ermenek To Draw Up Göksu-Taşeli Watershed Strategic Investment Plans Read more
30.05.2019 Escarus' Environmental Social Risk Management Trainings Up and Running in Kenya Read more
18.04.2019 Escarus Director Ece Sevin Speaks at the “Corporate Sustainability Certificate Course” Read more
16.04.2019 Escarus Director Kadir Burak Oğuz Attends the "Digital Transformation Summit 2019" Held in Ankara on 17 April Read more
16.04.2019 Escarus Directors Melis Bitlis and Arif Cem Gündoğan Attend the Eu Think Civil Programme Read more
11.04.2019 Escarus General Manager Kubilay Kavak, Phd, and Director Burcu Bektaş Attend the 10th Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair Read more
09.04.2019 Kubilay Kavak, Phd, Moderates the First Session of the 6th Istanbul Carbon Summit Read more
18.03.2019 Escarus Director Melis Bitlis Attends the International Summit on The Design and Formation of Green Banks Read more
08.02.2019 Preparations Underway for Göksu-Taşeli Watershed Strategic Investment Plans Read more
07.02.2019 "Energy Efficiency" Discussed at This Month’s Sustainability Meet-Up Read more
29.01.2019 The Presentation Titled "The Place of Turkey in Global Energy Policies and Turkey’s Future Vision on Energy" Held Read more
03.01.2019 "The Waste Economy" Discussed at This Month’s Sustainability Meet-Up Read more
19.12.2018 7th Sustainability Workshop to Be Held at Itu Today Read more
17.12.2018 We Attended the Workshop Held by the General Directorate of Energy Affairs of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Read more
06.12.2018 Escarus Moderates the Cop24 Conference in Katowice, Poland Read more
29.11.2018 Energy Panorama 2018 Held Read more
14.11.2018 "New Development Perspective: Inclusive Finance" Panel Held Read more
05.10.2018 "Green Bond Opportunities in Emerging Markets" Panel Held in Georgia Read more
20.09.2018 Training Held on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Financing Read more
28.06.2018 Escarus Was Represented by Ms. Melis Bitlis at The Green Bonds Principles’ General Meeting and Working Group Meetings Read more
05.02.2018 Presentation Titled " Case Studies Industrial Energy Efficiency" by Kubilay Kavak, Phd, at the Saturday Workshops Held by the World Energy Council Read more
01.02.2018 Escarus Project Director Kubilay Kavak, Phd, at Bilkent University to Teach The Econ-317 (Energy Economics) Course Read more
29.12.2017 “Energy Supply Security and Efficiency” within the Framework of the 11th Development Plan Read more
30.11.2017 Food Industry in Sustainability Meet-Ups Read more
30.11.2017 Anadolu Life Insurance and Pension Project Closing Meeting Read more
30.11.2017 Cement Industry Discussed at Sustainability Meet-Ups Read more
29.11.2017 Escarus at Cop23 Read more
29.11.2017 Sustainability Symposium Organized by Category Retailers Association and Food Retailers Association Read more
29.11.2017 "Project for the Analysis of Turkey's Current Situation Within the Scope of Sustainable Development Goals" Read more
15.05.2017 "Project for the Analysis of Turkey's Current Situation within the Scope of Sustainable Development Goals" Read more
31.03.2017 "Project for the Analysis of Turkey's Current Situation Within the Scope of Sustainable Development Goals" Read more
05.12.2016 Sustainability Roundtables Are Starting Read more
08.11.2016 Escarus Ceo Hülya Kurt's Interview on Dunya Newspaper on November 8, 2016. Read more
07.11.2016 After the COP 22 Marrakech Read more
25.10.2016 Escarus Ceo Ms. Hülya Kurt Has Made a Presentation in Unep Fi 2016 Global Roundtable Read more