Integrated Reporting

What companies will do in the future as well as what they do today, what strategies, organizational structure, human resources and business plans they will use to design their future activities and how they will proceed are among the elements questioned by all stakeholders, especially by investors.

The integrated reporting (Integrated Reporting, IR) trend, which is the most recent reporting trend created to meet these needs among international practices, is a reporting approach that allow organizations to interpret their existing activities and strategies a perspective of the future, and capital outputs of their activities in this regard be evaluated using inputs.

Escarus offers consulting services in the following processes in the transition to integrated reporting process;

• Evaluation and mapping of in-house strategy and mapping of capital items with one another and the corporate strategy,

• The evaluation and revision of the company's business model with an integrated business model perspective,

• Reporting of the company's outputs and the direct and indirect effects caused by such outputs, particularly in terms of capital items.


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