Established in April 2011, Escarus - Sustainability Consultancy is a TSKB (Industrial Development Bank of Turkey) subsidiary that aims to develop sustainability solutions with its experienced and professional staff to deliver consultancy services and integrate internationally recognized environmental and sustainable approaches into the Turkish business world.

The foundations of Escarus are based on TSKB, Turkey’s first development bank established in 1950. Escarus works to ensure that TSKB’s sustainability approach, which has been successfully implemented since the start of 2000s, evolves into a well-established culture and this experience is shared to support the sustainable development of the Turkish economy.

Escarus’ successful environmental and sustainability approach relies on the deep-rooted experience that proved itself through TSKB practices, enriched via various projects and crowned by a myriad of global awards, as well as the large and diverse staff of experts.

Our Vision

“To be the leading consultancy firm supporting sustainability & sustainable development”

Our Mission

  • To promote the idea suggesting sustainability is a topic related to all business entities, the government and the public as a whole,
  • Develop and interpret all technical, social and financial solutions with a lens centering sustainability,
  • To offer innovative products/services with a focus on sustainability,
  • To assist customers for strengthening competitiveness and efficiency,