Energy Efficiency Consultancy

One of the most effective tools for companies to increase their profitability and ensure their financial sustainability is energy efficiency. Energy efficiency plays a leading role, especially in today's manufacturing industry, as it supports increased competitiveness and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Although it varies from one sector to another and basically depends on the energy intensity of the processes, there is always an energy saving opportunity waiting to be launched in all facilities. The magnitude of this dynamic potential can only be understood by implementing a sound and proper energy management system.

It is difficult to calculate the financial benefits of certain energy efficiency measures (reinforced occupational health and safety, reduction of the number of work-related accidents, better health and working conditions, etc.). Nevertheless, one can measure the monetary value of quality improvement, reduced operating and maintenance costs, increased labor productivity, reduced water use, minimization of environmental impacts, etc. This phenomenon reveals that energy efficiency needs to be addressed from a holistic perspective along with other issues such as financial sustainability, resource efficiency and environmental risks.

As a company conducting its activities in the light of sustainability principles, Escarus offers the services for energy efficiency to reflect the said integrated approach. Escarus’ reliable competence and verified performance in financial analysis is enriched by the strong sustainability infrastructure. Escarus takes advantage of TSKB’s vast experience in assessing and financing energy efficiency projects as Turkey's first development bank, but also further reinforces its knowledge with sustainability-related projects and researches.


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