Global climate change is considered as one of the most important risks by the actors of global economy today due to its increasing negative effects. Climate change, which is known to be caused mainly by greenhouse gas emissions resulting from man-made activities, is one of the most discussed items in the agenda of public opinion.

The carbon footprint can be summarized as the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions released by individuals and/or companies to the world directly or indirectly during the production of the products used.

In addition to basic activities such as eating, cooling, ventilation, cooking, hot water usage, etc.; travel, transportation, subcontracting activities and wastes resulting from these activities also cause greenhouse gas emissions of a company.

The carbon footprint is a statutory situation that demonstrates the contribution of companies to climate change. If these status tables are updated and monitored on an annual basis, the direction of change is also revealed.

Today, the companies that determine their carbon footprint, also neutralize their carbon emissions and delete their carbon footprints via various tools. In addition to neutralizing the carbon footprint, companies also prefer to take and implement new measures to reduce their footprints.

As Escarus, we have differentiated our environmental products and developed the “Carbon Meter” tool in order to support the reduction of carbon emissions. Based on internationally accepted methodologies, the “Carbon Meter” tool handles an organization's carbon footprint calculation with a standardized, reliable and verifiable approach. Using the “Carbon Meter” tool, carbon footprint measurements are conducted through methods and measurements published by international institutions.

After the consumption data of the companies that cause carbon footprint is entered into the “Carbon Meter” tool, following the controls the data is approved and the carbon footprint calculation is performed through the system.


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