Sustainable Finance Consultancy

Products and services that integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) related factors into their business and investment decisions form the basis of sustainable finance.

An understanding where new investments and financing instruments add positive value to the nature, society and the human beings is capturing the interests of increasingly more investors. Sustainable financial products also create an alternative source of funding for environmental and social development investments. Accurate planning of sustainable financing mechanisms and instruments is of strategic importance at this point.

Escarus offers strategic consulting services to financial institutions and companies in the field of sustainable finance. In line with the needs and capacities of organizations, Escarus provides the following services:

- Sustainable Finance Portfolio Analysis
- Green/Social/Sustainable Bonds Consulting (Development of themed bonds including SDGs, gender equality, water, etc.)
- Second Party Opinion
- Impact Reporting
- Sustainable Financial Products and Services Design, and
- Climate Finance Instruments Development