Sustainability Strategy Development

Every organization has its own specific requirements, expectations or objectives encouraging them to take action on sustainability. Such parameters are vital in designing the sustainability strategy.

Strategic management is a management approach that enables companies to develop the right strategies to achieve their objectives, effectively implement those strategies, evaluate the results and measure to what extent the objectives have been met in today’s increasingly volatile business environment.

As for sustainability strategy, it is the road map that sets out what resources a company/organization shall use and how it shall use them, what administrative and operational steps it shall take, and how it shall align current operations and business processes with that policy.

When developing a sustainability strategy, Escarus identifies the strengths and weaknesses of companies/organizations it works with through gap analysis, sets out the measures that will eliminate the gap between the current situation and the targeted situation and focuses implementing these measures. Using various methods including value chain analysis, competitive analysis, stakeholder analysis, market analysis and sectoral analysis depending on the nature of work and the scope of expectations, Escarus offers unique solutions for each individual sector and company/organization in its strategy development process.

It is important that the developed sustainability strategy is implemented and managed in a planned manner by the consulting institutions. Regular monitoring, benchmarking and development of the strategy which was created by Escarus should be considered as an important step that will make sustainable development permanent.