Non-Financial Reporting

After the creation of corporate sustainability strategy and integration of the sustainability structure and phenomenon with management and routine business processes, the step necessary to ensure the healthy functioning of this formation is monitoring and reporting. Performed as part of the process, periodic reporting both ensures the transfer of the flow of information and know-how within the organization and supports healthy communication with all stakeholders of the organization.

Companies, in order to present environmental and social impacts to their stakeholders, publish the non-financial reports that can be named as Sustainability Reports or Corporate Social Responsibility Reports in addition to publishing their Annual and Financial Reports. In order for non-financial reporting to be efficient, a reporting methodology is needed that must be developed specifically for each organization. GRI Standards, IIRC Framework (International Integrated Reporting Council Framework), reporting standards and guidelines such as the TCFD are used in the international arena. Having specialized in all such methodologies, Escarus provides both preparatory and reporting supports for non-financial reporting practices of organizations.

Identifying the top priority areas for the Organization: Unlike financial reporting, in order to efficiently make non-financial reporting, which is not subject to legal requirements and standards, it is important for every company to report within its top priority areas. When identifying these top priority areas, organizations should evaluate all of their activities, which are under their control and create economic, environmental and social impacts, and all stakeholders that affect them together.

Creating a prioritization matrix: Identified priority areas must be prioritized in themselves. Stakeholder analyses must be performed, one-on-one meetings should be made with company executives, and the prioritization analyses of local and global competitors and the global conjuncture should be reviewed.

Preparation of non-financial reports: Escarus, working in collaboration with partners specialized in content and design, also offers support in carrying out reporting in parallel with the communication strategies of organizations.

Escarus provides the following services:

• Integrated Reporting (IR)

• Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Carbon Inventory Reporting

• Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Reporting


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